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Turn on the Lights.. Deckard's  Apartment
                                                     by Gary Willoughby


What made Blade Runner iconic was the atmosphere. The film was dark both visually and psychologically.

Recently I have been researching the Deckard apartment set. I am sure many fans have struggled with seeing detail  in the apartment even with the Final Cut.

There have been a few photographs of the apartment set on the internet and various other websites, including BladeZone, but the photographs are very dark and details unclear.

Fortunately I was able to find a great website “ Architecture of Film” which had amazing photographs. I contacted the owner of the site Benjamin Marcus, a New York architect, and received permission to use the Blade Runner photos I found on his site on BladeZone. I have lightened all the photos revealing many new details.



Please check out the Architecture of Film website to see the original photos, and browse
the rest of the site which has great film interiors of “Sleeper “ and the “Black Cat” one of my favorites, and many other great films.  The web address of Architecture of Film is  see the February area.


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