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Previous news and exclusive stories and features can be found archived here.


The Final Cut: Premiere Event
Our article on the Los Angeles premiere event and award celebration can be found HERE

John Alvin: BladeZone's Last Interview with a Legend
In September 2007, BladeZone site contributor, Bryan Ebenhoch conducted an interview with the talented artist who produced Blade Runner's iconic Movie Poster and works of many other Hollywood masterpieces. We honor his achievements and will miss his presence. If you missed it, you can read it HERE

Paul's Brain Trust Announcement
The announcement for the Ridley Scott benefit for Producer Paul Prischman is archived HERE

Blade Runner Wrap Party at the Bradbury Building
Coverage of the wrap party was held at the Bradbury building in Los Angeles, an iconic filming locations for numerous productions and Blade Runner. Read about the event HERE

The Final Cut: Premiere Event
Our article on the Los Angeles premiere event and award celebration can be found HERE

Paul Sammon Interview
Our recent Interview with Paul Sammon on his second edition of Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner can be found HERE

Blade Runner Final Cut 25th Anniversary After Party Gift Umbrella
Gary Willoughby was fortunate enough to be privy to the after party that followed the premier of the Final Cut. Check out this personal account written by him in regards to the fantastic keep sake gift that was given to each member of the party HERE

September 11th 2007 - John Alvin interview
Capturing 2019 today? and a look back at the future we remember. John Alvin?s masterful works has fascinated millions of moviegoers. His poster artwork has inspired many and has been embraced by an ever growing collectors market that only continues to increase in price. Read the rest of this fantastic interview HERE

March 26th 2007 - Douglas Trumbull: In Retrospect
Kipple, our manager of the Bladezone forums, has excelled himself with a great indepth interview/background of Douglas Trumbull. not everything went easy for us to get this to the website, everything from 8 pages in italics, to random code appearing in the html source. we at Bladezone take our hats off to Craig for this fine report and say "You've done a man's job sir!" View full report

March 6th 2007 Patrick Parenteau's Blimp - revisited!
Patrick has kindly given me some updated pictures in regards to his spinner creation. View full report

November 25th 2006 The Zhora article !!
After 8 months I`m proud to present to you the "Zhora article". Full credit to Joanna Cassidy, Gary Willoughby and Bryan Ebenhoch. Read all about "Darling" HERE

September 13th 2006 - 1:8 scale spinners to order ??
Mamas Pitsillis has been talking to Gary Willoughby for some time now in regards to building a spinner model. Read about it and see the photos of work in progress HERE

May 5th 2006 Esper team interview REVISITED!
I`m proud to present to you the re-edited version of the Esper interview. A warm hearted thank you to the `unknown` Esper production guys who kindly arranged to answer my questions. If someone could obtain the background noises to Rambo - First blood, would you want a copy? personally i wouldn`t give it the time of day. But listening to a bit of `raw` Vangelis seems to hit the mark for me. To say that the Esper production team are no better than you or me, would be an unfair statement. Never before have i seen a better example of mere aficionados producing a product that any software/hardware or music distributor would be envious of. Perhaps this small article can be a kick up the backside to production companies world over, to release the extras that the consumer wants?? esper feature here

March 18th 2006 THX1138 on Syd mead
Dave Christen (AKA THX1138) has done a great job in giving us this latest submission - his own writeup of the Syd Mead Presentation. Respect also goes to Kipple, for his help in arranging the scans. Sorry to dave for not doing this earlier, but it`s been Cheltenham horse week, so i`ve been busy! Awsome submission

October 29th 05 Stephen Parsick - Hoellenengel
Its not often in my life that i ever get a chance to shout or cheer with joy, other than when i won a jackpot from my local arcade, or when my local football team Brighton & Hove Albion, were granted the right to build a new stadium. But something arrived from Werther, Germany this morning, that absoultly blew the competition away. It was a CD from a young budding musicial, Stephen Parsick. Imagine what would happen if a Blade Runner sequel was made. What would the music score sound like? well, as I write this report, im listening to the CD, track 4 - die Burg. I can almost hear, or I am almost reminded of Vangelis, Lustmord, Even ludwig Van. hopefully you will all aggree, a true masterpiece. you can contact Stephen through his website, to order the CD.. The full report on his music can be found HERE



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