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The Online Blade Runner Fan Club    
The Westwood Desktop Theme Pack for Windows®

1. Download the Blade Runner Theme Pack HERE
2. You must have Microsoft Plus! installed for the theme pack to work!
3. Download Winzip 32 if you do not already have an unzip program capable of extracting long file names. (i.e. pkunzip won't work!)
4. Unzip the file into your "program files/plus!/themes" directory.
5. Once unzipped, load the Desktop Themes control from your Control Panel in Windows 95.
6. Select the Blade Runner Theme (high color) from the theme pull down menu and select o.k.
7. You're all done!
Blade Runner ©1982 Blade Runner Partnership. Blade Runner TM Blade Runner Partnership. ©1997 Bladerunner/Westwood Partners. ©1997 Westwood Studios, Inc.
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