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The Online Blade Runner Fan Club    
Gerry Kissell
Besides being the founder of BladeZone, Gerry has over 14 years experience as an artist in the commercial art and publishing fields, creating art for many various companies, institutions and agencies. His favorite work has always been the work for film and entertainment, some of which includes work for the Bruce Campbell film RUNNING TIME, written and directed by Josh Becker. Another is this years covers for CULT MOVIES MAGAZINE. The Ford sketch to the left is an unfinished image of the cover for the 2001 Spring edition.
Last year Gerry sculpted the official bust of the late great actor Brion James, for the James estate.
This year we will see Gerry's co-creation of Detective Nobody in its weekely form on BladeZone, as well as seeing his sculptured busts of Deckard, Batty, Bryant and the rest of the cast for G-Force in Canada.
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