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John Conway

This painting is a brilliant piece that shows off some great shots of the characters as well as the skill of the artist. John's use of warm colors catches another aspect of the Blade Runner environment other than the over-used rainy, dark night shots that we have all seen so often.
    Dear BladeZone,
    My name is John Conway, and I live in Scotland. May I say what a fantastic site you have. I have been visiting it for a while now, and as a budding artist I've been trying to come up with a decent piece of artwork that does justice to the film. I've just finished this painting and as you have requested fan art submissions, I thought I'd send you my attempt. Please let me know what you think, and keep up the sterling work!
    Kind Regards,
    John Conway

Our opinion is, "Job well done!" Without a doubt, John's painting is a great success.

John will be selling a limited number of prints of this fabulous Blade Runner painting. The standard print size that John numbers and signs is A3. However if you wish for a larger size, the prices are listed below. A2 & A1 sizes are signed and limited to 50 prints, due to their size.

Each print has only been printed in a limited number of prints per size. Currently they only accept orders by email, fax, post or voice. Most credit and debit cards are accepted.

Please send your details via email or fax. If you do not wish to give your credit card details over the web, they can phone you.

For more information regarding the prints, contact
When ordering, contact
Fax: +44 (0) 1289 303242
Tel: +44 (0) 1289 303301

A3 420x297mm 17x12" 25.00 $40.00
A2 598x420mm 24x17" 45.00 $80.00
A1 840x598mm 35x24" 75.00 $130.00

Delivery in the UK 3.95
Delivery in Europe 5.95
Delivery Outside Europe 7.95 or $15.00

All prints are delivered in heavy duty postal tubes on sizes above A3. A3 prints are delivered in hard backed envelopes. Prints are despatched by standard post for UK.

Be sure to visit the Fantasy Prints website at The Blade Runner painting isn't listed at the site yet but you can see many other works by this talented artist.

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