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John Hallsted
John received his BFA at Cleveland Institute of Art in 1992. Art for John has been a stuggle since then, but he is still hanging in there, and with the work of his I have seen, I don't doubt he will be successful.
I asked John about his painting of Vangelis, and here is his reply: "I painted it last year for fun... Oil on canvas. It was supposed to be used for my friend's site in the Netherlands who runs an unofficial Vangelis page, and hopefully it will be on there in the near future. I just did it for the love and inspiration of his (vangelis') music in Blade Runner. I was thinking of styling it like El Greco, the classic Spanish painter, which may work or not. I don't know."
Well, in my opinion, as an experienced artist and art director, it does.
Below are some shots of John hard at work on this masterpiece.
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