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Edited By: Richard Gunn
Patrick Parenteau
Patrick is a 3D artist and animator with extensive experience in commercial animated television 3D animation and effects. His incredible 3D spinner is part of the BladeZone logo.
The Spinner car
I have been a fan of the movie Bladerunner for many years and more specifically of the design of Syd Mead. His design combined with Ridley Scott's vision really changed our vision of an urban future. The spinner car really sold me the idea that a flying vehicle could be elegant. It's rounded shape with those police lights always reminded me of a sparkling water drop. For these reasons I thought the modeling of this vehicle could be an interesting challenge.
The Blimp
Here is the result of my latest Blade runner 3D modeling, the blimp. It was a real challenge to figure out the shape and look of that model first because of the major disparities between the different version of the model and also because of the lack of reference materials. Apart from the blimp, everything else was created and composited in Photoshop with 2d pictures.
Blimp animation - Mpeg 1 video clip size 455K
The Oceania ride
This picture represent the teleport of the Oceania project. A 3D stereoscopic ride for the Universal exposition in Lisbon, Portugal. I was mainly doing special effect and the introduction of these effect in the 3D set. This picture was displayed on different flat TV screen to simulate an exterior window in a life size corridor of the oceanic base.

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