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Photographs by Ron Kemp, written and edited by Gary Carden

For the finished spinner, download links at the bottom of this page.

Ron updated Bladezone of his progress with his cutout style spinner that he has been working on, It has taken sometime to complete this project. As you can see, his time and effort has been well spent!

It is hard to believe the entire shell of the model is cardstock.

Every angle of the vehicle has been studied, down to the smallest detail.


Ron used these sketches to plan his own blueprints.


"Ok this is a paper model of the 44 police spinner/car from the movie BLADE RUNNER. This model is meant to be printed on card stock. Card stock is thicker then normal printing paper and works best for models. You can buy it at office supply stores. I tried to make it easy to build but if you never built a paper model you might want to do a web search for an easier one to practice with. The model comes with instructions and photos of a finished model. Ron."



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