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Building a home made spinner


Edited by Gary Carden



Gary Willoughby has been talking to Mamas Pitsillis for several years now about his plans to create an authentic 1:8 scale replica spinner kit. The reason he calls it a kit is because he will be capable of making kits,  he has molds for all the parts.

Mamas plans are to finish the build by mid November, (so you can say that all you see actually exists as a kit at the moment), and also plans to build the interior.

"Im moulding the bits and adding them on and around the model. If I think I have the time I will add Radio control as well as lights." explained Mamas.

what you see in gray primer is a kit being built and I will be doing it as a kit. If there is any interest people can contact me directly or go through Comet Miniatures.

As for the price I haven`t worked it out yet, but it won't be cheap. Each kit will be cast to order and can be tailord to individuql needs, ie hollow fiberglass parts (rather than solid resin parts) so that lighting is made easy.

Refs: This project started in 1992 to the point where I had a fully (almost) working model, the rear flaps moved up an down, the wheel covers went up and over.

I got a request from Tony to turn it into a kit. So I broke it all up, did some prep work, that's the last it saw daylight for about 5-6 years. Then I got a load of pictures of the hero model when it went to the Paris exibition.

This made me even more angry as I had got the bottom all wrong so I had to strip it all off and start again. The rest of this story  is told by the photographs.

A fine effort from Mamas on this project, we hope to hear more from him in the future and possibly see the finished Spinner in all its glory and how we can obtain the kit directly from him.


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