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The spinner, designated number 998, set down in probably the last open space on the chaotic Los Angeles street. Police patrol men, assault teams, commanders, and a few blade runners from the other precincts ran back and forth between the huge police busses, snipers had taken positions in windows across the street. 

 Jon Rollins, blade runner for the LPD, put the spinner's systems on standby. 

 He had been called in and told there was a standoff with a few Nexus-6 Replicants in an old ConApt complex that had been scheduled for demolition in only a week. 

Judging by the commotion, a "few" might have been an understatement. Checking his blaster to see it was fully loaded, Rollins slid open the spinner door and stepped out into the night. Greeted right away by the light acid rain he had grown to get used to, he pulled his beige trench coat shut and closed the spinner door, locking it down. 

"Rollins?" A voice barked from behind him. He turned and a large black haired man walked toward him, dressed in LPD assault gear. 
"I'm Rollins." He said. 

"Bryant wants you in that bus over there." The man motioned toward a huge, black vehicle that could have been mistaken for a building. "Now." 

Not the talkative type. Rollins thought. Oh well, at least he'd finally get the story of what was really going on. 

 He walked through the maze of cops and other assorted types, finally reaching the bus. He was about to enter when a single loud gunshot froze the already-loud street. Rollins jerked his head toward the direction of the shot and had his hand in his coat and on his blaster. 

About three assault squads were up against a barricade facing a huge building. Half it's windows were broken, and it was crumbling, no wonder it was due for demolition. One of the squad soldiers was laying on the street, clasping his shoulder as a thick, red blood gushed through this fingers. The rest of the teams answered the shot with a wall of 7.2mm explosive rounds from their assault rifles. Pieces of the building started to chip off, glass broke, and small explosions were heard. 

The sound of the bus door hissing open turned Rollins' attention back to seeing Bryant. Bryant stood now in the doorway, wearing his usual button shirt and pants, only now had a shoulder holster on. 


"Get your ass in here, Rollins!" 
Rollins walked in past the shorter man and the door hissed back into its closed position. Rollins found the interior of the bus to be spacious and well lit. Ten TV screens lined one wall, DVD recording systems the other. Besides Rollins and Bryant, two other blade runners were also present. 


"Rollins, you've met Gaff and Tyler's, I assume." Bryant said as he sat down in a chair in front of the TV screens.
Rollins nodded at Gaff, they'd met on many occasions. But he'd never seen this Tylers before, much less heard of him. He nodded at Tylers, 


"Which precinct you with?" 
"Ours." Bryant didn't let Tylers answer. "Ever since Deck left and more of these Skin Jobs been coming down to Terra, we've needed all the Detects we can get." 
"He's rookie of the day." Gaff smiled.
Rollins had never liked Gaff's blue eyes, they always had a way of making him nervous, or on edge. Rollins thought. He turned and faced Bryant. 
"What's the story?" 
"Twelve 6's are holding out in that nice little shack outside. We have the place surrounded, all sewer exits sealed, the roof is guarded, alleys, you name it." 
TWELVE Nexus 6's?!?!? This shocked Rollins. 
"Twelve 6's?!?!" 
"Yeah. Sloppy these ones are, don't think there's an A Mental among them. Details are still sketchy, but it looks like our good neighbors over at the Tyrell Corporation let these ones out in the city to see if they'd go undetected." Bryant frowed. "They love using our city as the maze for their hamsters." 
"Then how'd we find them?" 
"By accident. They all together found work at an office supply company in the fourth sector. One day the big boss though he'd try out his Voight-Kampff system on them- you heard about how the government is now selling them to civilians?- well, once he got a positive on two of them, the rest got wind of it and smeared him and all the human employees all around the office. The security cameras got it all on disc." 
"Why is it you say none of them is smart?"
"They didn't split up, they didn't take hostages, they all held up in this shack here and waited for us to find them. Unfortunatelly they somehow got themselves a stash of Ender-model weapons, probably also courtesy of our beloved Tyrell Corp." 
Tyrell Bastards Rollins thought. The Tyrell Corp. had recently decided unofficially that since they were so powerful, the law didn't apply to them. They were right, since they supplied 96% of the Galactic work force, they were untouchable. 
"No time to complain about the Skin Factory, boys. We gotta concentrate on the problem at hand." Tylers finally spoke up. "You've given us the story, what's the plan"
Bryant sat back in his chair and sighed. 
"The assault teams are contracted to take on human threats, the Officers Union is having a field day saying that the assault teams are not required to aid in retiring these reps, since they are not given retirement bonuses. So it seams you boys are on your own to go in there. We've pumped about a few tons worth of rounds into the building already, so we've had to at least hit three of them. I would just blow the whole place with a few deto-charges, but if by some bull chance one of them's a human, my job goes bye-bye and the media screws with me the rest of my life. You blade runners could get away easily because you'll kill them when you were directly threatened, not outside the building giving a command, or pressing a button."
Rollins thought it over. 12 possible Reps... he and Gaff would be most likely to retire most of them, Tylers might get one or two. If they got them all and were still alive they'd be very well off indeed. But weapons? Those things could blow through tanks, much less a human. 
"What's life without a little adventure?" Gaff smirked. He twirled his cane and pulled his blaster. "Shall we, gentlemen?"
Rollins was about to chime in right away with Gaff, but he had one more question. 
"Are any other Detects coming in on this case? 
"Zilcho." Bryant replied. "Holden's in no shape for this job, with his brand new breather-machine. McCoy's on assignment, so's Steele. The rest are rookies that might just get in the way."
"I'm in." Tylers chimed in.
"As I said. Shall we, gentlemen?" Gaff asked again. 
Rollins pulled his Blaster. "We shall."

Shells littered the floor of the small, empty room. The only source of light came from the police spotlights outside. Joey sat on the floor, leaned up against the wall right next to the broken window. Outside, the snipers and assault teams were just waiting to get a shot at him. Next to him lay whathad once been Johann, a fellow Nexus-6 Replicant. 

He was stupid, he died. Joey thought. 
In his large hands he held the Ender Model-82 Blast Rifle, weighing 22 pounds fully loaded with a magazine of ten 20mm HE explosive round. It was light to Joey, he was used to hauling loads of 400 pound crates all day from ships to storage facilities. He never did know what was in those crates... but it was all fake. He'd never lifted a crate that size in his life, he just 'remembered' doing so. False memories courtesy of the Tyrell Corporation. Rage built in Joey. He pumped the Ender and another HE round slid into the chamber. 


Aim High

The sound of a mini blowtorch sealing the sewer duct behind Rollins almost made him feel like a servant to a Pharroh in the Egyptian times. Servants served until death, and when the Pharroh died, they were sealed in his tomb with him, while they were still alive, supposedly to accompany him in the afterlife. 

The trio of blade runners were now in the lowest basement of the abandoned ConApt, Sublevel 7 to be exact, and ready to start their hunt. Rollins was almost certain the 6's wouldn't hide in any of the sublevels, mainly because they couldn't shoot out any windows. But just to prevent themselves from being trapped, they decided to play safe. 

Moving in military advancement, as in always having one man covering you ready to fire, the trio slowly advanced. It was pitch black, and they wouldn't have been able to see were it not for the aid of nightvision goggles. They were a good advantage in the dark, but when there was even one source of light they could be deadly, for the blind man is the defenseless man. Since the mid 20th century night vision had been around, and it was one thing that still hadn't been improved upon, no one could stop the bright light. 

Up seven levels, no incidents. They all removed their goggles, and prepared to move up. Gaff leaned on a wall next to the stairs in the stairwell that would probably be the gate to either fame and fortune or pain and death. 


Gaff mouthed "I'll go first" and, without waiting for acknowledgement, silently and swiftly paced up the stairwell.
The assault teams had stopped shooting, they couldn't risk killing one of their blade runners, and now only the occasional shot by a marksman could be heard. Gaff reached the top of the stairs and motioned the all clear. Tylers followed next, and then Rollins came up. They were now on the second floor of the building. 

 The ConApt was 250 stories tall, with 12 full Apts on each level. Fortunatelly, all doors had been removed as well as furnature due to the upcoming demolition. The runners spread out down the two main halls to search the first floor. 

 The place had to be historic. The first floors were made of wood, someone would make a hefty profit selling that on the market. Rollins got to the doorway of his first Apt, took a deep breath, and slid inside, gun locked and 'cocked. 

The blast of an Ender-class weapon shook Rollins, but he saw no blast, he felt no pain. The shot had not been at him, but it had definitelly been on this floor. He spun around and fastly, but catiously, spun out into the hall, he saw Gaff down the hall firing his blaster repeatedly into a doorway of an Apt. 

 He stopped suddenly, but by that time Rollins was by his side. Tylers too. Rollins looked in the room. A female Nexus-6 lay on the floor, synthetic blood splattered all around the walls and floor behind her. A large hole in her chest, probably made from many bullets, and an Ender model small arm in her limp hand. Rollins turned to Gaff to see him smiling that familiar smile of his, nodding. 

"One for me." He proceeded to walk back to the stairwell. 
When Rollins had killed his first batch of 6's three months prior, Gaff had called him a "real" blade runner. Rollins may be just that, but Gaff had a quality to him of sheer killing power that Rollins thought he would never have. Sheer efficiency. They quickly searched the rest of the floor. The one shot the rep had got off had gone through the wall of the Apt just in front of Gaff, he was fast for a cane-carrier. The wood floor was a disadvantage: it creeked. 6's had a way of hearing things. The Reps would now be alert to their prescence, things might not be so easy from now on. 

Joey stood on the fourth floor of the ConApt in the dark hallway, listening. 

"They're coming." He whispered. 
"The hunters." A female voice said from next to him.
"We must kill them." another male voiced in. 
"They must've just got Laura."
"We must kill them." 
"Yes, we must."
The eight remaining Nexus-6 Replicants stood silently in the hall. All thinking and listening, trying to ponder how to hunt the hunters. Everyone was armed with an Ender rifle of some type, one hit would immobilize any human no matter where they were hit. The hunters had now just finished searching the second floor. One more floor, and they would be upon them. 
"Spread out, ambush them." Joey said. 
They all nodded and spilt apart to different rooms, all having their own ideas for combat. 

Tylers searched the empty ConApt, identical to all other Apts in the building. Gaff had gotten the first one, now Tylers wanted some game of his own. Every sense of Tylers was on full alert. He wanted a few Nexus-6 trophies, yes, but death was of much less appeal to him. 

Tylers stopped dead in his slow walk. He listened, not daring to breath. And then it was there again. A light creek in the floor above. He stared at the ceiling and backed up into the doorway leading into the Apt's kitchen/bathroom. Judging by the pattern of creeking. Someone-Something was pacing, or walking in circles. Why would they do-  

A pile of cracked wood, metal, and other broken materials flew down from the ceiling in a huge cloud of dust. When the dust cleared, Tyers saw a fist smashing through the floor. 

Tylers slid into the Kitchen/Bathroom and waited to hear the '6 jump down. A thump confirmed contact. Tylers spun into the doorway and fired at the huge figure. Five, six, seven rounds smacked his body, he still stood. Tylers emptied the rest of the chambers into him, and he still stood. 

Tylers was dumbfounded. Flack vest? Could that be what's protecting him? But in a split second Tylers saw his flaw, the body was two big to be a man, or Nexus-6... but it certainly was big enough- Tylers rushed back into the bathroom before the first shot came- to be two Nexus-6's! 

If Joey had ever gotten the chance to develope emotions, he would have been proud of his cunning at this moment. But he just had one thought on his mind: Kill 

 Joey had jumped down, holding Johann's dead body upright, and had used him as a shield. Johann had stopped all the bullets except one, which had hit Joey's left arm. But he chose to ignore the pain, so he did. He raised his Ender rifle and fired at the hunter in the doorway, one-handed. He was fast, just made the dodge. Joey dropped Johann and pumped the Ender. He aimed at the doorway and slowly started forward. 


I have once chance. 
Tyler's hands shook as he slid the large ammo rounds into his blaster. He could hear the rep moving forward now. He had once chance. One. He slid to the ground near the doorway. 


"What's life without a little adventure?" 
He remembered and thought Gaff's quote. And, taking a deep breath, rolled into the doorway. 

The shots came. Joey's first thought was the hunter was trying to shoot through the wall, but the five flashes told him he was wrong. He fired on first reaction, but the hunter was on the floor, Joey had been anticipating he would be standing. 

Joey had anticipated wrong. 

 He felt the shells slam his chest, his head. He fell back and splashed in a pool of his own blood. He choked, gasping for breath. His life was over, it would have ended eventually anyway. His eyes did not close, but a blackness enclosed him. A dark nothingness. Leon felt a strange sensation. 


Maybe this is fear. was Joey's last thought.

Tyler's hand was shaking, he couldn't keep his gun steady. His breathing was shallow, he thought that he might be dead. But the sound of the wind and rain outside told him he was alive. He stood from the ground, in front of him lay his retirement, a male rep. 

 The other rep was also male, but he had been dead before Tylers had shot him. He could lie saying he got the retirment, but the lab boys would determine in a few days that it was a round from an assault rifle that had done it. 

Where the heck is Gaff and Rollins? he thought.
But he realized the events that had seemed like hours had actually been under one minute. Strange how the good times go fast and the bad times go slow. 

Gaff had heard the shots in another Apt. He paced out of the Apt he was in and into the dark hallway. Rollins was in the Apt at the very end of the hall, so this must have been Tylers. Gaff started twoard the other side of the stairwell, but he knew reps weren't that stupid. He smelled an ambush in the making. Looking for an object to test his theory, Gaff found nothing. The whole building was emptied. 

 Ever rescourceful, he slid off his shoe, made of replicated leather. Like a frisbee, he threw it down the hall. From above, a blast of an Ender blew through the floor, missing Gaff's shoe. 

Thank God, those shoes cost me a crapload of Chinyen! He thought.
But he had been right, ambush. He aimed his blaster and pumped a few rounds into the hole the skin job had shot through. He paced forward, covering the hole with his gun. Anything moves, it dies. 

Rollins had heard the shots, and another few had followed, these ones came from the hall. 

Tylers found himself some trouble? he thought as he rushed out of the kitchen of the apt he was in.
In the hall he could see Gaff already, pacing slowly forward. But there was something behind him... 
Up with the blaster, out with the five shots, down with the skin job. Gaff spun around and saw what had narrowly come between him and his death. He nodded to Rollins, this one had been a small female, silent and deadly. 

Rollins came out into the hall. He mouthed "Tylers" to Gaff, who nodded to the Apts opposite the stairwell, then nodded to the ceiling. a Skin job had been up there, but had Gaff hit it? If he had that would have been three reps between he and Gaff, and if Tylers had gotten his it would be four between all of them. Leaving, if Bryant's estimate had been correct, five reps. 

 Tylers stepped out into the hall, in his hands was an Ender-class rifle. He approached the other two runners, and explained "Blaster choked on a overweight cartridge". 

"The rest are above, we know all that, but I think we've discouraged them from coming to us. I think they want us to come to them." Rollins said.
"Yes." Gaff agreed. 
Tylers pumped his Ender. 


"This thing weighs a ton."
Above the blade runners, a slight creeking sound of floorboards could be heard. Tyler's face lit up, as if he had just gotten an idea. 


"Listen here, friends." He said.

The five remaining 6's had split and fled. Now that Joey was dead they had no leadership, no one to follow. Now they only wanted to live, not caring about their fellow replicant. Simone, a female Nexus-6, was the only one left on the floor above the hunters, the blade runners, the killers. 

In her hands she embraced an Ender-class assault rifle- a fully automatic rifle that housed a 120-round box and fired 4 shots a second. She had used this type of weapon before, at least that's what she remembered. Implanted or not, the skill was there. 

 She walked down the hall twoard the stairwell, she would kill these hunters, if just so she could leave a few minutes longer, she would kill them. 

The floor creeked beneath her. In a split second a blast, followed by the floor just below her disinigrating, and her falling, and she was lying on the ground of the floor below. She coughed, recovering from the stun. She regained her senses and found herself staring into the barrel of a gun. Joey's old Ender, to be exact. The tall, blond-haired hunter in front of her smiled, pumped the Ender and said, 

"You loose." 
A blast was the last thing Simone ever remembered. 

Four more... just four more!
Rollins thought, running up the stairwell. The female Tylers had just retired left the remaining kill count at four. The rep Gaff had shot through the ceiling had died instantly, a clean head shot. That had been luck, in Rollins's opinion, where as Gaff saw it as skill. "Four more to go!" Tylers was excited. 

Rollins had heard from Gaff on the way down into the sewers to get into the building that Tylers had once been on Assault Team Alpha, the best-of-the-best in Police killing machines. Rollins had no doubts now, as he saw Tylers excited not only by the remaining reps, but also that he got to try out a new toy; The Ender '98 Assault rifle. 

They had now reached the eight floor. They had done quick-scans of the floors, but they knew the skin-jobs were now afraid, very afraid, and they were fleeing for their very meaningless lives. 

 Gaff was in the lead of the group, since he was the slowest due to his cane. He reached a foyer between levels eight and nine and stopped. Rollins saw him aim up the second flight and fire a few rounds. 

"Female, she's runnin'. Might even be unarmed." Gaff said. "I missed."
Rollins shoved past Gaff. 


"I'll get her."
Tylers followed him to cover as they ran up the stairs to the ninth level. Turning down a hall, Rollins saw the rep standing there, aiming an Ender at him. She had been armed! A smile lit up on the female's face. She pulled the trigger. 


Rollins raised his blaster. Must've been a pleasure model, no weapons training 


"Sorry, babe, safety's on."
Headshot, a clean kill. 


"Three more." Rollins said as he turned to Tylers, Gaff had just made it to the top of the stairs.
A huge, bulky male jumped out at them from one of the Apt's doorways. Reacting instantly, Tylers emptied a few second's worth of rounds into the rep. His body lay on the floor in pieces, the ammo had literally cut him in two. 

Tylers looked up and smiled. 


"And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our lesson for Overkill 101 today. Two more to-" 
From the darkest corner of the hallway a blast broke the conversation. In almost slow motion, Rollins and Gaff watched as the 20mm shell of an Ender ripped through Tylers' back and into his stomach cavity. The shell went through straight and proceded on into the wall in front of him. 

Rollins raised his blaster, so did Gaff, and they fired almost in harmony a quartet of vollies into the hidden '6. They didn't even know if it was a female or male, but it was dead. 

Holstering his blaster, Gaff leaned down and turned Tylers over, he had falled face down. His breathing came in chokes, he was coughing up blood. 

"Go get that last Skin Job, Rollins." Gaff said in fast Cityspeak, Rollins knew by this Gaff was preocupied so he was speaking his native language; the language of the street, the city, city-speak. "I take this rookie downstairs." 
"You can't do it Gaff, you got your can and-" 
"Don't bull me!" Gaff yelled. He holstered his blaster and started downstairs. "I meant I'm going to get Med Team! That Rep must be 20 floors up, this area secure... GO!"
Knowing Gaff was right, Rollins ran up the stairwell and left Tylers. He sprinted for 20 floors, he could hear the Skin Job screaming faintly, and it was growing louder every floor. 
Maybe McCoy's joke about suicidal reps wasn't so much of a joke after all
As he approached what he thought was the 40th or 45th floor, he desperatelly wished for one of two things: One, that he was in shape for this much running, or Two, this building's elevator was still installed. 

 The reps screaming and yelling indicated to Rollins that he was less than five floors up. As he finally got to the floor, he could make out what the rep was yelling. He was a male, definitelly. 

"No life, no point, no existence, no point, no life, no existence," repeating the same phrases in mixed order. 
Pondering life and death?Rollins questioned in his mind. 
The yelling stopped. Rollins stood against the wall on the stairwell, just around the corner was the last one, the last rep of the night. 


"Hey hunter! You there?!?!?!" The rep yelled. 
Rollins remained silent. 


"Yeah, there you are! Unless you're a mutant rat with breathing problems! Out of shape, are we?" The replicant laughed. "Too old for the job, maybe?..." 
He had trailed off for a moment, as if thinking. 
"Too old. Growing old, must be an honor, eh? Your media, your 'civilization' calls it tragedy when a schoolroom full of 10- year-olds is blown up by a bomb! Or when a young 5-year-old falls off a balcony and plunges 300 stories! Hipocrosy!" 
What's this skin job gettin' at?
"You call this a tragedy, saying these children never got to experience life, then you turn around a buy a Nexus-6 Replicant! Yes, yes... one that will serve you faithfully, bid your every command. Do everything you will, and you don't even say a word when it decomposes in 4 years!" 
Part of Rollins understood this logic. If this was some TV or Billboard Evangalist, he might have listened, maybe even sent a contribution to their fund. 


I'm gettin' a little tired of his preaching. Rollins thought.
He checked his blaster; 5 shots loaded. He swung around the corner and faced the last rep. The rep sat on the floor, his Ender in front of him, stripped to his shorts. 
"I'm sure you've heard of Roy Batty, my hunter friend." 
Rollins almost laughed, was Batty becoming a God to all escaped reps? Rumor had it that Ray McCoy had just retired a rep that liked to recite poems, like Batty had been known to do, just a few months ago. 
"Come, friend. Listen to what I say before you kill me." 
Rollins raised the blaster. "The only bull you'll be preaching is in replicant hell. Say hello to Batty."

A single shot boomed through the empty building. 50 stories down, outside, standing on the street, Gaff looked up and smiled. 


We just might make a man out of that blade runner yet.He thought.
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