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Joe Turkel's Auction @ Christie's

   Joesph Turkel (Dr. Eldon Tyrell) had his jacket and personal "Shooting" script up for auction at Christies Auction House in New York. The auction took place at "Christies East" 219 East 67th Street, New York, NY 10021 on Tuesday, December 5th, 2000. The jacket and shooting script failed to meet the reserve. Perhaps Mr. Turkel will place the items for auction in the future. I will try to stay on top of items in the future. To order a catalog of the auction please call (212) 606-0400 and ask for the "Entertainment Memorabilia" auction the price is $30. they take credit cards. - Gary Willoughby


   This is a letter from Bladezone fan, Larry Peterson. Mr. Peterson wrote:

   "When I saw your article I felt quite sad about missing the (Turkel, jacket and script) auction. However, feeling quite adventurous, I emailed Christie's inquiring 'If lot 160 was still on consignment, and would Christie's and Mr. Turkel consider selling it to me? I would be pleased to meet Mr. Turkel's reserve'. Christies immediately replied, stating that Mr. Turkel's reserve was $500. and would I care to phone them to complete the transaction. I did so and had a delightful chat with Margaret Barrett, head of their Popular Arts Department. During which she described Mr Turkel as' fascinating to talk with. The total price was close to $650, including Mr. Turkel's reserve, Christies buyer's premium, New York sales tax and shipping."

   For many years, Mr. Peterson has been collecting and dealing in scarce and historical documents from 19th century California and Nevada. Since 1937 he has been putting together a modest library of early Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Bloch, Lovecraft, Bradbury, etc.) His friend Bob Ellinghouse of Auburn, who collects and deals in Sci-Fi graphics and videos, was aware of his fascination with Blade Runner and recently turned Larry on to Bladezone. He was intrigued with the idea of comparing scripts, so when the opportunity arose for him to acquire a shooting script he acted immediately. He learned also that the crew jacket had been one of Mr. Turkel's favorite articles of clothing. Congratulations to Mr. Peterson on his new acquisitions.--Gary Willoughby

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