Let's face it, Blade Runner may have been a masterpeice of modern science fiction and is obviously our favorite film of all time here at BZ, but due to some decisions made mostly over dollars and cents, the film has some major plot and visual errors.

       In this section, we will avoid the plot and dialogue errors and pay more attention to the visual and continuity errors. 

       For years now, in the film industry, there have been people referred to as continuity editors.  This person's only function on the set is to make certain that the actors and set are exactly the way they were in the shot just prior to the one they are getting ready to shoot.  Make-up, torn shirts, scars, things of this nature are important to continuity within a film that will most likely not be shot in order of the scenes.  Worse, the shot they are getting ready to shoot may be taking place weeks later than the last time the characters were shot in this situation. To help make the job easier, these "continuity editors" rely on snapshots and lists.

       In Blade Runner, I believe the continuity editor was truly put to the task. In the end, much of this person's job was wasted due to last minute changees during the editing stage. 

       So, much of what follows is not directed at the CE.  But there may be a few that are.

1)  Gaff's Gaffed spinner.

  • As the rain comes down and the spinner begins to purge, the cables can be seen lifting the full size mock-up skyward.  An error noticed by Scott and the editor but left in because the scene seemed to work even with the visible wires.



    2)  The man is always there...

  • As Gaff and Deckard ascend into the heavans, the police HQ can be seen in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

  •  Besides the the police building in this shot, there's the out of scale shot of the dyslexic YUKON building too.

  • 3) Gaff's lip flap during fly over with no sound.

  • While masked by the dead narration by Ford in the original theatrical rtelease, the DC version seems somewhat strange when Gaff seems to be talking to Deckard while enroute to the police station and there's no dialogue.

  • 4) Lip flap at Rachell's and Deckard's meeting

    5) Phone booth and Roy...

  •  The close up of Roy's hand while in the vid-phone booth is actually from the bathroom scene at the Bradbury and the shot of his face is actually from the scene on the bed with Tyrell, but mirrored.

  • 6) Titles on marquee change between shots of Pris & Sabastion's scene.

    7) Pris's crash into the armadillo van was an accident that caused her to tear her tendons in her elbow.

    8) Bad Hair Day...

  • Pris's hair jumps back and forth from being very wet to lightly spritzed in the Bradbury scene.

  • 9) The stand in used for the esper scene.

    10) Is that a snake scale in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  •  Besides the fact that the snake scale is actually a female canabas seed, the serial number at the base of one of it's spines is slightly different than the one spoken by the cambodian woman.

  • 11) He was dubbed Ben Hassan...

  • I wonder how the actor who portrayed Omar Ben Hassan felt after the release of Blade Runner in 1982  when he discovered he was not only in what could be considered  the worst dubbed scene with Harrison Ford, but also discovered, I imagine to his dismay,  that his name appeared no where within the credits. 



    12) A hole in one for Zorah...

  • There's nothing that a woman hates worse than to be chased in heels.  The answer?  Remove the heels.  And they did. 

  • During the glass scene, they cut to her stunt double, a woman who looks nothing like Joanna Cassidy, in fact she looks like a man, baby.

  • Deckard miraculously hits Zorah not only in the same shoulder twice, but in the same hole.



    13) Scar face...

  • Deckard's cut from Leon's and his fight is already seen here before the fight has taken place.  Well, at least after some bad editing.

  • Also in this scene is Rachel, standing in the background, behind Deckard. In fact,  Gaff walks right past her when he approaches Deckard with his cane of pain.

  • Also worth a mention is the fact that both the cut and the Tsing-Tsao bottle are absent in the scene with Leon due to the same editing problem.

  • 14) Drink on Deckard's chest

    15) Nit-picker: Pris's make-up

    16) The pyramid scene with Sabastion and Roy shows it daytime.

    17) Nit-Picker: Chess pieces don't match game being played.

    17) Oops! Wrong Spinner!

  • Ford is actually sitting in regular police spinner for these shots, though he was supposed to be inside the ground spinner that his character had been driving around in. NOTE: Curved door frame and light. The light is absent on the ground spinner and there is little to noocurve to the ground spinner's driver pr passenger window.

  • 18) Cables on spinner in front of Deckard's spinner

  • If they didn't take'em out in the first scene, why take'em out now?



    19) Shadow of crew during chase scene.

    20) Bathroom scene out of order.

    21) Nit Picker: Deckard's hands holding stone was shot upside down.

    22) Rain shuts on and off during roof scene.

    23) Nit Picker: Deckard's shirt is up and then down after Roy throws him.

    24) It was a dark and stormy night...

  •  As Roy dies, he releases the dove, which flies up and out of the stormy night  into the sunny blue sky.   Yeah?  And maybe the sun was so hot I froze to death.  Oh, Suzanna don't you cry.
  • Paul M. Sammon's book Future Noir was used as a reference for much of the content of this section.