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The Ridley Scott Retrospective
Written By: Gary Willoughby
Edited By: Richard Gunn

This notice was posted on Bladezone last month:


Featuring the 1992 “Director’s Cut” version of BLADE RUNNER; Multiple Oscar Winner GLADIATOR; ALIEN; and a new 35 MM print of SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME.

Friday, September 21, 2001
Discussion following with Director Ridley Scott.
Special Ticket price of $10.00 general, $9.00 Sr/ student, $8.00 member.

All screenings are at the newly renovated Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre at the historic Egyptian ( 6712 Hollywood Boulevard between Highland and Las Palmas) in Hollywood.
Call 323-466-FILM or visit for more info.

That is what the promotional information stated. Knowing that this would certainly be an historic, one-time event I invited a few of the cast and crew to attend the screening. Much help was given to me by the American Cinematheque programming staff, Dennis Bartok, and Gwen Deglise. Without their help none of the Bladezone guests or myself could have attended. The screening was SOLD OUT Mid-August, a month before the screening date. Thankfully the programming staff could accommodate my guest list.

The pre-sold ticket line was long. I’m sure many people were in line well before 6:00. While waiting for the doors to open the fans could view the “Rachael Brocade Coat”, displayed by the owner prominently in front of the “will call” window at the front of the theatre on a simple mannikin. The beautifully-made Charles Knode designed coat added a nice bit of ambience to the night.

Sold Out The Long Lines The Rachael Brocade Coat
Sold out for a month The long lines... Rachael Brocade Coat.
Owned by Mr. Fan Tao.

As the crowd entered the theatre I strained to see if there was any familiar faces. I recognized Paul Sammon at his book table and we chatted for a while. He graciously signed his latest book for me “Ridley Scott, The Making of his Movies”. Also on display were the other books he has authored “Future Noir, The Making of Blade Runner”, and his latest Alien book. I promised I would save him a seat in the VIP section.

My Bladezone guests that attended were Art director, David Snyder; Assistant Art Director, Stephen Dane; and Production Illustrator Tom Southwell and his wife Joan. We sat in the VIP section near the front of the theatre and were joined by Writer, Paul M. Sammon; and Scott Free Blade Runner Special Edition Producer Charles de Lauzirika.

As the audience learned, the print we were to watch was newly printed at Warner Brothers Studios from the original IN or internegative. Technicolor, Mr. Scott and Mr. Lauzirika spent much effort “fine tuning” and “Re-timing” the film that was to be shown with six track “Dolby” surround sound.

This would be the last screening of the 1992 “Director’s Cut” version. The 2002 “Special Edition” will replace all other versions and “Dolby” Digital Sound would be added. There is actually no official name or title for the new DVD set at this time, but for me “Special Edition” will do for now.

It was a delight to be in the Egyptian Theatre and share the experience with fans of the film. This was the first time I had seen the Director’s Cut version on the big screen and only the second time to see BLADE RUNNER in a theatre. The details one can see in a theatre were terrific.

After the screening of the film, Mr. Scott was interviewed by Dennis Bartok. Mr. Bartok asked many well-informed questions. After the interview was the Questions and Answer segment in which Mr. Scott answered the most basic to the most esoteric questions. Mentioned during the Q and A was the possibility of the reinstatement of the hospital scenes or as Mr. Scott called them the “Holden Interview” scenes. Also because the voice over would not be a part of the final version, a re-timing or shortening would tighten up some scenes.

Gary Willoughby The Long Lines The Crowd Applaud
Gary, a familiar face at
all Blade Runner events.
Ridley Scott’s entrance. Anxious fans applaud.

After the forty-five minute Question and Answer portion, the Bladezone Guests and I filed out and gathered in front of Paul Sammon’s book table. These men of Blade Runner Art Department had not seen each other for almost twenty years and they all seemed to enjoy the brief reunion and exchanged a few stories about various Blade Runner experiences before departing.

It was great to meet these men that were such a large part of my favorite film. And again I would like to thank Charles de Lauzirika for the photographs and Dennis Bartok, and Gwen Deglise of American Cinematheque and everyone that made the “Retrospective” of Ridley Scott’s work possible.

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