10th Anniversary Edition Video (VHS)

10thsmall.jpg (19131 bytes) This item may not be that highly collectible (yet), but it is the least known (or heard of) of all the VHS video tape versions.   It is the same version (the International Cut) as previous versions released on video.  This version on video was released in 1992 on New Line Home Video.  This is why it's called the 10th Anniversary Edition, 10 years after the film was released.   The only difference between it and prior releases is the box art.  If you're thinking it is different in some way with other versions then you are wrong.  I personally feel that Warner Bros. should have included some sort of "behind the scenes" footage of the making of the film with this release.  It would have been much more valuable and would have given us an idea of what it was like on the set of the film.  Maybe someday....

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