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The Online Blade Runner Fan Club    

It is a wonderful thing hearing from those whom were involved with the film,
especially from a man I consider to be a leading icon in the creative arts
as well as being one of the single best concept artists in the film industry
since Chesley Bonestell.

I thought I should share these moments with all of you, my fellow fans of Blade Runner.

A message from Syd Mead to BladeZone and all Blade Runner fans:

Dear BladeZone:

    The BLADE RUNNER phenomenon is impressive. When we worked on this film, we had no idea... just doing our job. Ridley Scott pulled off one of the great sci-fi, techno-social noir genre films of all time...under gruelling budget and time constraints. BLADE RUNNER was the FIRST film I worked on, from first concept to screen.   I was lucky; single card credit, working with some amazing people; Lawrence Paull, Dave Snyder, Mentor Hubner, et all. 

    Thanks to the fans, worldwide, that made the film a 'cult' cinema benchmark, and thanks to timing and fortune that put me in the right place at the right time. Check my web page... publications are available with BLADE RUNNER stuff; OBLAGON, Inc. will be publishing a new book this year... artwork never seen, done in the last ten or eleven years for film, TV, and corporate client sources. 

    My best to all of the fervent BLADE RUNNER fans worldwide.


A second message from Syd Mead after a request for an exclusive BladeZone interview:

Dear RepDetect:

    ...I will answer any of your questions. I am always non-plussed by the continuing attention that BLADE RUNNER enjoys. Anyway, we'll do our best with the answers...Just for a little starter; did you know that the first production designer on the film (actually, when it was still "Dangerous Days,") was Charles Rosen? He went elsewhere (?) and Ridley hired Lawrence Paull. Talk to you later....


The most recent letter in reply to my telling Mr. Mead of his inspiration on me as a professional artist.  I had told him of my formative years and how his art was one of the single most influential styles and  inspirations in my learning to paint.  We also found we have a mutual acquaintance in world renowned astronomical artist  Ron Miller.

Dear RepDetect:

Thanks for the enthusiastic story.  Because I work sort of in 
'isolation,' it is always encouraging to hear that someone has been 
inspired by what I do, as a 'day to day' effort.

Ron Miller was just here a few months ago, and stopped in to my home here in Pasadena. Great guy. 

Well, we'll be in touch. As you may have already seen on our web page ( I will be in San Jose as the featured presenter at the GAME DEVELOPERS developer? Well, it's not too different from the movies, actually; just much lower resolution.....



The Interview

[  The Official SYD MEAD Website  ]

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