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Million Dollar Theater
307 S. Broadway
Conveniently located right across the street from the Bradbury, the Million Dollar theatre is seen in the background during the exterior scenes at the Bradbury.
The Million Dollar Theater was designed by William Lee Woolett and opened February 1, 1918 at a cost of, yes, one million dollars. It is one of many theaters in downtown which were built to feature the growing motion picture industry of the "Silent Camera." The theater is in an office building which originally housed the Edison Company and later the Metropolitan Water District. Beginning in the early 1950s the theater became the first venue on Broadway for Mexican-origin entertainers and audiences. A major remodelling of the building has just been completed, the upper floors to be used for offices and residences. Nicolas Cage owns the penthouse suites, one of which includes the former office of William Mulholland, the father of the LA Aqueduct.

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