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Greg Hanson has tracked down more costume memorabilia! This time it's fur pieces from the coat Sean Young wore in Blade Runner.

Here's what Greg had to say:

"I obtained these faux fur pieces from Sean Young's fur coat from Reel Clothes of Studio City, CA last year. As many of the Blade Runner fans out there probably already know, Reel Clothes (under a different name in the early 80's) was the store that sold original pieces of Blade Runner wardrobe after the filming wrapped.

Sean Young wore these fur pieces in the film attached to her coat's collar. There are tiny fabric "hooks" that enabled them to fasten to the coat, but the whereabouts of the entire coat are unknown. Elaine, shop owner of Reel Clothes obtained these fur pieces from Sean Young's personal collection, and the original bag that held the fur collar pieces is also included. Marked on the bag was the description FUR COLLARS."

Like Deckard's Jacket, Greg's put the item up on EBAY. There's only a few hours left for those that catch this update!


Here's the description from the auctioning block:

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If you're a fan of props and costumes from some of Hollywood's biggest features and TV shows, then you know how difficult it is to find anything from a film so wonderful as Blade Runner. I myself have been a collector of this type of memorabilia for the past 11 years, and this was the first Sean Young costume piece from Blade Runner I had ever seen offered for sale!

Financial emergencies have now forced me to sell it. Included with this lot is the original receipt from Reel Clothes, as well as a photo of Sean wearing these collar pieces! Blade Runner was honored with Academy Award nominations for its Art Direction, Set Decoration, and Visual Effects; now you can own a part of the beauty that *is* Blade Runner!

All in all, Blade Runner and especially Sean Young pieces rarely become available, and you are witnessing the sale of a very rare piece! These pieces (there are three) deserve to be placed in a "tiered" collar formation and in a plexi-glass display case, but I never got the chance.

Don't miss out on this chance of a lifetime to obtain such a cool piece of motion picture history!

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