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The Online Blade Runner Fan Club    
BLADE RUNNER - Computer Game

Copyright: 1997 Westwood

Frank Klepacki

WESTWOOD's game was jam-packed with loads of music. If you can figure out their compression scheme, you can pick out the various tracks. For game reasons, the quality is only 22Mhz and it's MONO, but you can still get a good taste of it. WESTWOOD released a complete music CD from their Command & Conquer series. I wonder if they'll do it for Blade Runner?

I guessed on who should get credit for what (from the game credits) and gave arbitrary titles for the tracks. Another interesting item I found buried on the CD was what seems to be a small walkthrough/commentary from a few scenes in the game! I suspect it's Louis Castle. The CD of course has ALL the SFX, like this OFFWORLD sample.

-- ALZ


Film Inspired Music

The music is based around Vangelis' original score. Frank Klepacki added more, to help shape it into something more unique for the game. Remember that some of the names are made up.
  1. (3:22) Animoid Row
  2. (2:20) Anticipation
  3. (0:25) Awakenings
  4. (8:48) Blade Runner Blues
  5. (0:33) Blade Runner Blues (loop)
  6. (3:24) End Titles
  7. (1:19) Geishan Echoes
  8. (3:35) Love Theme
  9. (2:54) One More Time, Love
  10. (0:39) Remores
  11. (0:23) Sadik's Arena
  12. (1:16) Solitude
  13. (0:19) The Battle Ends
  14. (0:04) Welcome

2019 Club Mixes

These tracks are ones found in the Nightclubs like Early Q's, in addition to some others.
  1. (1:37) 4th Sector
  2. (1:57) Dektora's Dance
  3. (1:33) Downtown Slam
  4. (1:24) Enigmatic Funk
  5. (2:28) Invitiation Only
  6. (1:35) Metal & Leather
  7. (1:33) Pulse Grind
  8. (1:11) Put Your Hands On Me
  9. (1:42) Slow Dive
  10. (1:35) Streets of LA 2019

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