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BLADE RUNNER - New American Orchestra release

Copyright: Warner Brothers Records & Full Moon Records 1982

BR CD 1 front BR CD 1 back

  1. (4:12) Love Theme
  2. (5:01) Main Title
  3. (4:00) One More Kiss, Dear
  4. (4:50) Memories of Green
  5. (4:17) End Title
  6. (4:38) Blade Runner Blues
  7. (3:10) Farewell
  8. (3:08) End Title Reprise

In 1982 the release of this "impression" album made some fans happy for a short spell. After all, they'd read the film's end titles and there it was, in bold print and on the three story movie screen, a promise that there was to be a soundtrack released. And here was an album, boasting the title Blade Runner.

But, once the album was opened and listened to, it was quickly discovered that this was not the sounds from the actual film and that they were not performed by Vangelis himself. It wasn't even on the lable that the film's titles had promised. What happened? A war between Vangelis and Scott? The studio and Vangelis? A schedule conflict? Who knows what the full and actual truth is? What we did know was there was an album now available with the Blade Runner logo and art on the front that was being performed by some unknown bunch of people. Fans of the film and it's soundtrack were once again frustrated and disapointed.

Despite the bootlegs, it would take another decade before the fans would get some satisfaction. With the release of 1994's official Vangelis album, many were made happy. But this would not last. Once again fans discovered that much of the music in the film was not on the album and most of the album's music actually was not in the film, not to forget that much of the music was also obscured by the added dialogue.

So, here we have the 1982 version performed by the New American Orchestra. Though it seems a bit dispassionate compared to the other albums, it does have some interesting synth work by Ian Underwood who, for you information, was once the keyboardest for rock master Frank Zappa. Though this album lacks the stirring, haunting feel of the actual soundtrack, it is, after all, Blade Runner. And as fans of Blade Runner, we take what we can get.

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