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Written By: Bentley Ousley

In March of this year (2002) I was contacted by Rob Daniels, host of the Canadian radio program 'Visions in Sound'. Rob had read my article concerning the Blade Runner Soundtrack that the folks of BladeZone had been kind enough to publish on their site. He had some questions regarding the Blade Runner Soundtrack that he was researching in order to produce a special program to air in June. I was happy to answer his questions, and when he asked me to sit for an interview for the program (ham that I am) I was happy to oblige.

The program aired on June 14th, 2002 and was simultaneously webcast but I was traveling on that date and was unable to listen. Rob was generous enough to send me a CD copy of the broadcast and to allow me to share it with the readers of BladeZone. I hope you enjoy it.

Bentley Ousley

Click here to email Rob Daniels.

Click here to join the Blade Runner Soundtrack list-group.

Click each link to download the file:

PartDescriptionSize / Length
01Intro with Rob Daniels 1374KB / 02m55s
02Discussion with Bentley Ousley - What first drew you to Blade Runner? 1758KB / 03m44s
03Why has Blade Runner never been equalled? 1179KB / 02m30s
04Blade Runner vs. Metropolis? 2805KB / 05m58s
05Ongoing appeal? 1530KB / 03m15s
06New American Orchestra? 2214KB / 04m43s
071994 release: complete? 3340KB / 07m07s
08Ultimate Blade Runner Collection? 2507KB / 05m20s
09Music from 1994 release. 1328KB / 02m49s
10Animoid Row (OWM Definitive Edition) 826KB / 01m45s
11I Dreamt Music (Special Collectors Edition) 2181KB / 04m39s
12Running Along the Blade (Westwood Edition) 1119KB / 02m23s
13Goodnight (Westwood Edition) 1682KB / 02m37s
14Discussion and music from 1994 release 1926KB / 04m06s
15Signoff, contact info, and End Titles 539KB / 01m08s

Additional information about the audio files:

  • Length of program (edited for Bladezone) 55 minutes
  • Encoded at 22khz / 64kbps
  • Total download 25.6MB (about 90 minutes on a 56kbps connection)
  • Full-length music tracks from the 1994 release have been reduced to 30-second excerpts

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