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The Online Blade Runner Fan Club    
Films with Blade Runner Tie-Ins
  • Star Wars: Phantom Menace
    In a return homage from the Star wars references in Blade Runner, Phantom Menace had a spinner fly by

  • Soldier
    A big budget sister film based on ideas from Blade Runner and the novel by the same name and written by Blade Runner screenwriter David Peoples

  • Nemesis (1993)
    Olivier Grunder, Tim Thomerson and buddy Brion James star in this low-budget film by Albert Pyun that was directly inspired by Blade Runner & Terminator.

  • Casualties (1997)
    Mark Harmon, as the killer lives at 1138 Hountervasser, the same address as Leon in Blade Runner

  • Solar Crisis (1993)
    A big budget flop that still had two spinners in it. This was the first Charelton Heston SF film to do poorly at the box office.

  • Trancers (1984)
    The first Jack Death film starring the very cool Tim Thomerson, old buddy of Brion James, that was a direct homage/rip-off of Blade Runner. Deckard's sedan was shown near the beginnning of the film.

    Poetry within Blade Runner
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