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BladeZone Presents, for educational purposes only, the 1982 Blade Runner Video Streaming Special

In 1982 a series of television broadcasts took place on television that incuded a Network behind-the-scenes segment as well as several Network and local interviews. This Video Streaming Special contains much of that television activity surrounding the release of Blade Runner. Mike Streeter of LucasFan.Com who has laboured very hard on this project of collecting all the different videos as well as putting them together on Real Video and then graciously donating them to BladeZone. Now, for the nit-pickers out there, please remember that this streaming special presentation is from a second generation video tapes and then was compressed to Real Video, so quality is not always going to be as high as some might want. But here it is where it wasn't available before. So, sit back and we all hope you can enjoy what Mike has given us.
This page is a non commercial page devoted to presenting info on and about the Blade Runner phenomenon, and is not for personal profit. Fans who view these videos are not able to download anything, these videos are for stream viewing only. — RepDetect
To view each of the *streaming video special simply click on the Harrison Ford video images below left.
*You will need Real Player to view these videos.
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COMING SOON! Part 4 of the 1982 interviews with Ford over Blade Runner.

  All files are streaming Real Video and cannot be downloaded for missuse on the Internet. These videos are not being presented with permission of their original copyright holders, and are here soley for educational purposes.

CLICK HERE For Interview
1982 Letterman Interview (8.4 MB)
  • 1982 Network TV Interview with Ford

  • CLICK HERE For Part 1
    Part One (1 MB)
  • 1982 Network TV Segment of the Behind The Scenes Look at Blade Runner

  • CLICK HERE For Part 2
    Part Two (4 MB)
  • 1982 Film Trailer

  • Local Interview with Ford One

  • 1982 TV Trailer

  • Local interview with Ford Two

  • CLICK HERE For Part Three
    Part 3 (3.7 MB)
    *This section's sync is off at times.
  • Interview and coverge of Ford in Blade Runner
  • Another Interview with Ford from 1982.
  • Another Interview with Ford from 1982 (ends ubruptly).
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