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Compiled By: Gary Willoughby
Edited By: Richard Gunn
C & S Blaster Rick Ross Blaster Stunt Blaster
"C & S Blaster"
Researched by Phil Steinschneider
Created by Richard Coyle
Owner: Gary Willoughby
"Doppleganger Pflanger / Katumata Series D Blaster "
Created By Rick Ross
Owner: Gary Willoughby
"Stunt Blaster"
Casting from a Real Stunt Blaster
Owner: Gary Willoughy

COP Derringer COP Derringer Doppelganger PK-D Blaster
"COP Derringer"
(Compact Off-Duty Police)
Manufactured in Torrance, California
Owner: Gary Willoughby
"COP Derringer"
Made By: Richard Coyle
"Doppelganger PK-D Blaster"
Built and Owned by
Charles Senecal
Montreal, Canada

Syd Mead Blaster Lego Blaster  
"Syd Mead Blaster"
Builder: Shawn Morgan
"Lego Blaster"
Builder: Ken-Tucky

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