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Lisa Edelstein, small screen siren.

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Blade Runner's Crystal Steele
Interview with Lisa EdelsteinIn 1997 Westwood Studios released the Blade Runner game.  A textured, multi-leveled computer game that was as full of atmosphere and cool visuals as it was an excellent addition to the Blade Runner universe.

Of the many characters in the game, there is one for whom I have heard more than a few of you male fans rave about, and that's Crystal Steele, the tougher than nails sexy RepDetective who gives Ray McCoy a run for his money.  Steele is played eloquently by the beautiful and talented Lisa Edelstein.  Well, I can tell you that Crystal Steele may seem tough, but she ain't got a thing in the looks or smarts department on the woman behind the voice.

Lisa has appeared in many guises during her career, including the voice  Mercy Graves in the Batman and Superman series on the WB and recently starring as Rhonda Roth on RELATIVITY, a critically acclaimed series on ABC.  But it is as Blade Runner's Crystal Steele that she has entered into the realm of an ever growing cyber-culture that we call the Blade Runner universe.

Lisa having fun at her MacLisa, who enjoys getting on the Internet via her Mac, has yet-to-date even played the Blade Runner game due to there not being a Mac version of the game.

Recently I was introduced to Lisa by a friend and I got to enjoy having a chance to ask her some questions about her part in Westwood's Blade Runner.
RepDetect Okay Lisa, there are a lot of young male Blade Runner fans out there, so donít be shocked by this question.  How does it feel to have played what is considered to be the sexiest character in Westoodís Blade Runner?
Lisa Edelstein Well, damn, I had no idea!  Sexiest character, eh?   Hmmmm...oooooooh....
Feels pretty GOOD I gotta say! 
Was there anyone you used to emmulate for the role of Crystal Steele?
Not really, no.  I just kind of went for a kind of tough 1940's style fast talking gun swinging chick type of thing...
There were some comparisons between the character of Steele and Zorah in the original film. Have you ever seen the original Blade Runner?  If yes,  what do you think of the comparison?  Also, if yes, did you like the original film?
I have read the book, and I've seen the movie -a few times (including the directer's cut, thank you very much, although I think I recall prefering the ending of the origional release... it's been a long time, but there was something about Rutger Hauer and the dove... something that was different but I can't quite get those memory nuerons in my brain to fire up the details, sorry) I'm sure I'm committing major Blade Runner faux paus here. Oh, well.  But it's been too long since seeing it to remember the characters you're refering to, and don't forget I'm on a MAC so I can't see the damn game to compare the two of them anyway.

Lets see if I can make an even LONGER run-on sentence in the next answer...

No problem in that department. 
Was it a very long job? I mean, how long did you work on the Blade Runner project?
Well, the whole thing was pretty much done in one session.  They sent me this huge script with multiple versions of each scene and I went in and just laid down tracks in a marathon session...  It's a really cool gig actually, doing cartoons and animation that is.    But it's also pretty bizarre.  You're inthis sound booth, alone, and the director is reading your cues from the other room and you have to just go for it.  I think many months later they called me in to do a few touch ups here and there and then that was it!  All was saidand done!
Were you aware from the beginning that your character was to be CGI?
You need to define this for me...
No problem.  Were you aware, from the beginning, that your character in Blade Runner would be computer animated?  Or was there talk that you may actually play the character in front of a blue screen and later be integrated into the action?
Yes, I came in specifically to do a voice over only.  Damn I would have loved to have done some blue screen stuff, sounds like that would be so much fun.
So you weren't involved with the video capture? 
No, i just did the voice over. 
That sucks. 
Well then, how were you selected for the role?
I can't remember how I got cast, I don't think I auditioned for it.   I think they heard my voice on a collection my agents had or may have known me from television... 
I see you have done a lot of voice work like in the Superman series on WB.  Do you feel more comfortable behind a mic than in front of a camera?
By no means!  I love both things!  I actually haven't done nearly the amount of voice work as I have on camera.  But they each offer different things...
Cartoons and such are such a blast, it's all fun, it's really easy work and you can go there right out of bed.    But television and film have treated me very well and I absolutely love being in front of the camera.  I think I view my voice over work as just an added bonus to what I do.  It's the icing, not the cake.
Did you work alone on a sound stage or were any of the other actors there?
No.  I vas alone.
Anything happen on the set that was funny?
No.  I vas alone.
So you didn't meet any of the original cast?
No.  i vas alone.
How does it feel to have now been part of a cult phenomenon? Or do you even see it as such?
Once again... I had no idea I WAS a part of one!  How fantastic... oh YES, I LIKE it.
Were you aware of the Blade Runner following before your role as Steele?
Not really!  I mean, I love science fiction, and I know that there are those out there that REALLY love science fiction which I can APPRECIATE even though I don't really participate.
Iíve seen pictures of you and Iíve seen you on the small and big screen, so I have to mention that itís hard for me to see Crystal Steele. How much of Steeleís character is you?
That's the fun of animation I suppose.  I didn't have to wear myself in that sense.  I just imagined her and pretended, so I suppose she's very much a partof me.  You just have to close your eyes when you see me next time.  She's right there.  You can't miss her.
You know I'm gonna do just that. 
If they do another game, do you think youíll be back as Steele?
I haven't the faintest idea.  Maybe you guys should start mailing in your requests now, eh?
What do you think of the genre?  Dark science fiction that is. 
I am SO into sci-fi and I LOVE dark sci-fi.  I actually love almost all sci- fi, even BAD sci-fi which sometimes is the most entertaining sci-fi.
Got anything coming up that the fans should keep their eyes peeled for?
Nothing in the vein of this... lets see, I just got shot on LA Doctors but it aired already... getting shot was fun, lots of fake blood and stuff.... and I'm a recurring character on a show called Sports Night but I have no exact air dates to give you... some movies are in the can waiting for release the most hopefull one being Susan's Plan - a John Landis flick.
Well, thanks for your time Lisa.
You're welcome.  Take it easy!
And there it ends, folks. A bid farewell, and then the intelligent, beautiful, sexy and extremely gifted actress Lisa Edelstein walked out of the electronic door of our Blade Runner hearts and off into the sunset. As a fan as well as a person who admires this woman and her talents. I can only hope to see a Blade Runner game sequel.
So ends the story, and this interview.

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