Original Comic by Gerry Kissell
The 1982 Comic
The official adaptation released in 1982

BladeRunner: Dying Time
A story being written and illustrated by awardwinning & published SF artist Gerry Kissell.
The Outpost Magazine called Gerry one of thebest SF artists of 1997.

Gerry’s first published SF story was “Sevenof Our Own”.  As the Octopus magazine said, “Seven of Our Own is anightmarish tale reminiscent of Blade Runner and The Manchurian Candidate.”  Co-written by noted SF author Steven Johnson, "'Seven of Our Own' madequite an impact on the readers of the Octopus.  It was like 'WildPalms'", said Paul Chan the publisher of the Octopus magazine, "It justkept the readers on the edge of their seats."

Also joining Gerry is 3D cd-rom game artist Nathan Cheever, whom will create 3D renderings of the cool new vehicles designedby Mr. Kissell.
A fan of the film, as well as being members of the BladeZone team,  Gerry & Nate are bringing us whatsome are calling a true sequel to Blade Runner.

The story is being fine tuned by Fangoria artistand writer, Jason Pankoke, who also has been writing an ongoing serialhorror comic for Scary Monsters magazine called “The M.I.C.”.

The new BR story begins in New York City, 2023 where the next phase in replicant research is trying to avoid detection. Then the story returns to Deckard who now runs his own tavern in the greaterNorthwest.  Rachael has left him to help the replicant undergroundand Deckard is plagued by memories of her and the time before he fled L.A.,now drowning those memories in alcohol from his own joint.

But Deckard isn’t alone in misery for longbefore the past comes back to haunt him as Holden, now recovered and anemployee of  the Tyrell corporation, pays him a visit dragging himback to LA to meet with the real, and very alive Eldon Tyrell.

If he wants his life back, and a possible wayback to Rachael, Deckard must now hunt down the most dangerous game he'sever sought before, the newest in the Nexus line, which is loose and onthe streets of Brooklyn, New York.

A new story of a new hunt.

Those who have seen the script and many ofthe early pages are already praising the story as being better than thebooks and far better than the new film "Soldier".

Blade Runner: Dying Time looks to be a nicenew addition to BladeZone come Winter 1998.

Pre-production sketches from the new Blade Runner story by G.R.Kissell.