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01 Dec 2004 Spinner Rising

Gary Willoughby and Bryan Ebenhoch visit Gene Winfield's workshop to follow the restoration of the 'flying' spinner.

26 Feb 2004 Profiles in History Auction

Gary Willoughby reports from the auction held in December 2003 where several important Blade Runner props were recently sold.

18 Jan 2004 Flight of Fantasy

Bryan Ebenhoch's detailed article chronicling the history of the full-size spinner vehicles from their initial design, through their use in Blade Runner and other movies and beyond.
This is the full article sent to "Profiles in History" in Beverly Hills, CA to help with their authentication and provide history for the Spinner they had on auction December 12, 2003.

01 Feb 2003 The Spinner Has Fahrvergnügen!

Gary Willoughby presents the story behind the Volkswagen-Blade Runner Promotion.

20 May 2002 Gene Winfield Visit 2002

Gary Willoughby and Steve Dane visit Gene Winfield’s new facility in Mojave.

23 Feb 2002 The Spinner and Sedan

Gary Willoughby tracks down some of the vehicles featured in Blade Runner.

16 Jun 2001 Blade Runner Star Wars Tie-in

The Spinner makes a brief appearance in Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

05 Nov 2000 The Spinner Yesterday and Today

Gary Willoughby looks at the history of the vehicle props featured in Blade Runner.

12 Oct 2000 Working for Winfield

Aaron Brinkley talks to Tom Ferry about working for the custom vehicle builder, Gene Winfield.

? The Spinner

Nathan Cheever.

? Cinefantastique: The Spinner

Article excerpt.

? The Spinner in film

Gerry Kissell article.

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