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Blade Runner - On The Set

Film by Herve Attia
Written and editied by Gary Carden


2009 is most certainly the year of home grown Blade Runner related fan submissions. Herve Attia has created his own unique video that cuts fantastically between the original morion picture and his own work. The transitions between 2009 and the future are fantastic. Before I go any further, watching the video is a must!



Comparrison shot of the original footage and Herve's own photo's


Herve Attia was originally from France, but now resides in California. One of his great hobbies is visiting film locations of all his favorite films. This acolade now includes First Blood, Dirty Harry, Conan The Barbarian, E.T. and now to Blade Runner. Some fantastic pin point shots have been carefully merged with the original, to which you'll agree, has made some of the best comparisson shots we have ever seen. It was not however a bed of roses to film, as Herve pointed out to me -

"Interesting to note is the attached photo I took of the Union Station room. There are no existing photos on internet from this angle because this room is actually closed to public. The normal way would be to ask permission from the city of L.A. Forget about it :)"

"The true story is I had the chance to arrive at Union Station around 11pm. I did not ask the security. I knew what would be their answer.  I asked a lady who was there to clean. I talked and asked her to let me in. She refused but after a few minutes of convincing her....she accepted. She looked around if the security guy was not there and turned on the light in this room. I went to the corner and took the shot. This is a unique photo. You can spend hours searching on won't find same photo from the same angle as it was in the movie.

Hereve also has his own site, complete with blog spot. Here are his links -

Youtube channel

Blade Runner dedicated blog

Link to original photo HERE


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