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The Ultimate Workprint (151 minutes)



Here is a nice little re-work that I didn't pick up on first time round. When Bryant explains that Rachael had disappeared/vanished, Rachael can now been seen sitting hidden behind a crowd of people, Gaff spots her after Bryant's announcement that she is a replicant and does nothing. This opens up a totally new train of thought, and perhaps adds to the fact the he doesn't kill her at the end. Perhaps Bryant's initial announcement here that she is special with a brain implant (as indeed is Deckard due to the dream sequence) adds to the possibilities that Gaff knew Deckard was already a special replicant, and Gaff left them both alone. Top marks Mr Shuwest.

The extended scenes found on the extras disk are all in place here. One thing that throws me personally is this extended love scene. What I mean is that Deckard is acting like a human at this point (not that i suggest we all act like this!). Deckard I quite literally taking charge of the situation and guiding are emotionless Rachael through the motions. So..? Does this conclude that Deckard's feeling have now gone full circle, and he has 100% of all natures feelings and emotions, or is that merely the original cut of when Deckard was made out to be human in the OV.

I have to say, I was very impressed with the editing of these pre-just peaking scenes here. These included the mouse running up pris, and the extra toys to be seen in Sebastian's apartment. The footage and the audio is a perfect match, and makes for a longer and smoother running time.






The extra flyover towards the Tyrell building is present, as is the deleted scene of Sebastian fumbling for a specific key is the previously unseen elevator clip. Tyrell's bed time hot milk scene has also made it to this cut.

The alternate "have a better one" scene has been flawlessly edited, but was a great pity the audio is different. this is a general difference in the two clips. The extra violence is present as is the extra scene of Batty in the lift saying "Mom" and fumbling for the correct key. This is a great scene for me as it gives Batty, who is for all terms and purposes a huge and powerful character, a softer more childish and frightened edge as he clings to sebastian's coat for comfort.





This small clip could almost go un-noticed, but as I was listening with my headphones on, I could hear a new part of the audio track previously hear only on bootleg releases (now there is admission of guilt!). This has been used to sort out the audio timing problem. Top marks here.


This was my one and only grip here, the Batty/electric cable scene has been re-inserted, but the next clip is shown as Batty at the window experiencing his hand clasping together. At a quick look i recon it would have been better for the hand/nail scene first followed by the electric cable and then on to Batty kicking his was out to Deckard.









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