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What might have been

by Joanna Cassidy

To all the fans of my work and especially Bladerunner, I have put up
on my YouTube Channel the dance from Bladerunner that could have been,
and since it is the 30th anniversary of the film, I wanted to
acknowledge and celebrate the genius that went into the making of this
very special movie. Below are the links to three videos. Enjoy.

And I really appreciate any and all help to launch this little piece
of creativity that I spent so much time on and the love of this
character and movie that has made my life a different place.

I would especially like to thank Paul Sammon for his introduction to
the video and a special thanks to Gary Willoughby friend, artist and
owner of Bladezone.

Thank you.

Joanna Cassidy


Please click links below -

Joanna Cassidy - Resurrected Photography by Nick Gill

Click here for Video of "Behind the Scenes of the Photo Shoot"

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