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*Blade Runner Remastered 12" 180g Red Vinyl REISSUE*‏

Here are the collected images and words relative to the Audio Fidelity release of Vangelis, "Blade Runner' (OST) on  180g Translucent Red Vinyl.  We should have the record by the end of this week or early next week at which time it  begins to ship to distribution, retail and our Audio Fidelity Vinyl Club, Platinum Club and Gold Club members.  

The master source according to Audio Fidelity's president, Marshall Blonstein and mastering engineer, Kevin Gray from  Cohearent Audio is the highest rez digital master available." 

We shot some post-mastering video of Kevin in his mastering suite explaining the high quality of the source and the  unique sound he was able to obtain from the recording's distinguishing features."

Kevin Gray YouTube studio link:

After Kevin Gray mastered the record and cut the parts it went off to Quality Record Pressing in Salina, Kansas - they  are one of the highest regarded record plants for audiophile manufacturing in the world. "We are proud to work with  all of the different people it takes to deliver the ultimate Audio Fidelity product whether it's on vinyl or our  renowned 24K Gold CD series or hybrid SACDs." Says, Mr. Blonstein.  "Our associates at QRP work diligently to deliver  a record that lives up to their reputation and our expectations."  The pressing plant's founder, Chad Kasem, is a  leading figure in the audiophile community, his staff of top professionals including the General Manager and Plating  Technician, Gary Salstrom were in constant communication with Audio Fidelity. They first produce test pressings which  are reviewed by Audio Fidelity and it is at this point where any flaws in the mastering, parts, stampers, vinyl and  pressing can be detected and eliminated - any imperfections that can ruin a fine vinyl recording.

Once the tests are approved the manufacturing process begins - the red vinyl is created, the stampers are prepared,  the Side 1 and Side 2 4-color paperlabels are set in place and the first glob of vinyl is melted, molded and stamped  and trimmed like a waffle.

Gary Salstrom inspecting a Blade Runner album coming off the press at Quality Record Pressing

While all the action has been taking place at the mastering lab and pressing plant, Bob WYnne, Audio Fidelity's award  winning graphic designer has gathered Blade Runner art sources from both the movie studio and the original music  release - the Vangelis soundtrack was released ten years after the movie and primarily available on compact disc  except for some vinyl album packages that appeared in Europe and Brazil of all places. Sketches are prepared and photo  images are collected and soon the pieces are assembled along with any new or original text the company chooses to use  inside the 12" gatefold jacket design.  Bob said, “Working on the graphics for the Blade Runner LP was special for me since I am, and always have been, a huge fan of the movie. At Audio Fidelity, we take pride in recreating the original packaging,  as close as physically possible. In this case I was working with a gatefold LP jacket which opened up lots of space  for really bringing the photos and graphics to life, as well as increasing their size. AF’s choice of a  translucent red vinyl LP disc complimented the entire package perfectly.” 

PHOTO: 12" label print sheet with colorful Blade Runner graphics

The jacket design and 12" label design go off to the printer and upon completion are delivered to the pressing plant  awaiting the start of vinyl production. The hi-gloss 24 pt. board gatefold jacket insures the record is protected and the package is as appealing to the eyes as the music is to the ear.

Package image with red vinyl album

Marshall Blonstein said, "Vangelis', "Blade Runner" is one of the most memorable and important soundtracks in movie  history and we believe we've delivered an album that lives-up to that high standard."

Product Information:
UPC: 780014215415
Cat. #: AFZLP 154   
Configuration: Transparent red vinyl/180g
SRP: $29.99
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

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