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Blade Runner Custom Figures


Steven S. and Andrea Ledford

Arranged by Gary Willoughby

When I looked around the Internet I was some what disappointed with what was out there for Blade Runner in 1:6 scale (12 inch) Action figures, or action figures in general. What I found was some knock offs or “boot legs,” Android Hunter...?

Well at least some one was trying to fill the needs and wants of the Blade Runner merchandise famine that has swept the land for many...oh so many years. One of the top Science fiction movies of all time and we have next to nothing.

Well, I started sculpting again about three years ago and making my own 1:6 scale figures that I quickly found was a very big hobby around the world.. After I got the Batman’s and Superman’s out of my system I started on the Deckard figure, It took me awhile and I think four attempts at sculpting Mr. Ford before I was happy. And at the time I sculpted the hair like any doll would have. But, I was experimenting with real hair for some of the female figures and thought I would give it a go on the Deckard head. Well it worked out very well the first time and gave the figure a little something more.

When it came time for the clothing it was an extensive search for the right colors and textures. At this point I employ my mother who is a wizard at figuring out patterns and dye colors. I had something for the pants in my fabric cache and found a men’s dress shirt at the Good Will that was perfect for the over coat...that was about it. The raw silk jacket was the hardest fabric to find. I found the right texture in linen that was a kind of pink. We had to dye it to match the pictures of it on the “Bladezone” web site. (Thanks!) When it came time for the tie and shirt I knew I was going to have to print them myself...that wasn't easy ether but I got it done and pretty accurately, I knew he wore three different shirts in the movie, but I loved that “dash” pattern shirt from the time I saw it in the theater when I was 12 (Yes, my folks took me to a rated “R” movie...bless them.) I use a Sideshow body for the first one I made, but with the other two a "Dragon Models" body was used, the same as the Android Hunter. I put some black tennis shoes I had in an odds and end box on him and he was done. I sculpted a gun that looked ok and he was armed! Now he need someone to chase...

So, my next figure was going to be Roy Batty, but some how that didn't really get me motivated, and there was one already out there, so one late sleepless night (when I seem do my best work.) I picked up a lump of clay and started sculpting a Sean Young “Rachael..” It took me about five hours altogether and I was very happy with the outcome. A little looking around the net found a web site with the black "first introduction" outfit in a personal collection, and he had great pictures of some of the detail of the suit including the fact that the diamond patches on the outfit is snake skin. After a search for a good fabric I found a lizard skin wallet that would simulate an in scale snake skin. The hardest part was the shoes, I sculpted them from scratch and made them just a tad bit small so they could be wrapped in leather for a nicer look than painted plastic. The body for Rachael was difficult to settle on. The Cy girl and BBI female bodies were just not elegant enough, or too big, and the Volks and Obitsu female bodies where much too small.. As chance would have it I had an “Obitsu Male Doll Slim” that hadn't work out for another figure, so I looked it over and to my surprise it was perfect for Rachael. All I had to do was sculpt on some female enhancements with some epoxy putty. With the high heels on I did have to shorten the legs a bit, but that was very simply done with a sander.

Rachael ended up looking pretty darn good, so that got me the motivation to move on to Roy. I started the head sculpt so we'll see what happens...there is another 80’s Hauer character I want to get to soon, so I can kill two birds (or should I say Hawk) with one stone with that sculpt. The other Blade Runner figures I would like to do soon is Leon and Gaff, especially Gaff, Olmos had a great look in the film, like Scott said “a high class drug dealer.” Stay tuned...

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