Blade Runner Boardgame

Apparently, this is an item that was never put into full production and is thus exceptionally rare -- only 100 boards were made. It was printed by a small company in California (now defunct) and released to test markets in San Francisco and Los Angeles back in 1982-83. These are licensed products and bear the "Blade Runner Partnership" trademark.

Boardgame Prototype

As for the game itself, it's obviously a prototype. The box (a little smaller than average board game size) features a still of Deckard at the VK apparatus with a couple of Blade Runner logos and very vague description of the game. There's nothing on the bottom half. The box contains a board, game pieces, cards, and a notepad. The pieces are little skyscrapers, 4 colors, and a standard D6. The cards represent VK test results that you're supposed to write on the pad. According to the two-page photocopied instructions, the game seems to play something like a variation on that old game Scotland Yard. Basically you move your pieces around and when you land on a VK terminal, the other players give you a test and if the cards they draw add up to a certain number, then that player is a replicant and the others have to try to catch him. The game sort of plays on that uncertainty of who's a replicant and who isn't -- something that's not really expressed in the original theatrical release.

Boardgame Prototype

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