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The Drew Story


Dear Readers.

It's not often that I would convert a story into a news article, but this story took me with some interest. Even after the explanation, the ideas are infinite. Basically, Drew contacted BZ in regards to some ideas he had in regards to Deckard history, in affect his prequal style life. This life was (in my opinion) influenced by his own previous careers.

Drew has been a lover of BR for many years, infact since the release in 82 when he was 14. He kindly donated some of his time whilst serving in Afghanistan (Jalalabad), it appears that a precious amount of time is allocated per person to the internet, therefore Blade Zone was very grateful to him. Drew's initial thoughts and email was to expand the possibilities or explainations as to what had happened to Deckard in his previous time before 2019. The premis was to build his life and career which would ultimately lead to him being Rep-dectect as we know him. This is all well and good until i drop the bomb shell (no pun intended..) that Deckard was infact a replicant himself. Whilst a high proportion of us are fully aware he is, Drew was devistated to say the least. Here is what Drew had to say -

I base this largely on Phillip Dick and his "Do Androids..." book which has no reference or intent to my knowledge of Rick being an Android.  Also, it is my understanding that the movie cut Mr. Dick viewed prior to his death (that he applauded) was the 1982 original --that also gave no indication that Rick was an andriod.  In other words, I do not believe Mr. Dick (or Ridley Scott for that matter) would have allowed the 1982 cut to air without making that fact apparent to viewers.  Finally, I must say, that if in fact Rick is an Android and that matter is settled.......then I have lost all interest in Rick Deckard as a character.  He may as well be the "Tin Man" in the wizard of OZ to me.  The movie is an emotional ride on many levels and I believe the GREATEST THEME of the movie is Rick's grappling with the morality and empathy issues involved in blowing away suspected Androids for a living.  If Rick is not a man and we the viewer therefore cannot share his dilema and tribulation -- then who cares about it?  To put it another way -- If I was Rick Deckard and found out I was not a human, but instead a machine --- life would become 100% easier because I would  then understand EVERYTHING about my life -- unlike we humans who don't really know shit about anything ie., our creation, where we come from or are going or who we really are!!  And the five year lifespan?.....Think about it.....what "chickenhead" left behind on bio-contaminated, nuked earth would cry about a 5 year lifespan much less a man-made, souless, unemployed, divorced robot....Actually, many of us here in Afghanistan would opt for less time on the planet if we had to remain in this Godforsaken minefield for another week!! 


I always imagined Rick Deckard as the same age as Harrison Ford was physically playing the part, which would put Rick at pushing 40 in 2019.  The same goes for Harry Bryant (about age 50 in 2019).  Most Cops have served in the military as young men, and I imagined both of our heroes have.  Here is a down and dirty timeline for Rick.
1980: Born
1998: Enters the Army (Infantry) and experiences extensive combat. #B1894
2001: Discharged Army and joins LAPD as "Harnessed Bull" --Patrolman #A0904
2004: Marriage to "Iran".
2011: Promoted to Detective.
2013: Promoted to "Blade Runner"
2015: Divorced
2018: "Retired" from LAPD (Many Cops are eligible to "retire" at relatively young ages after 15 years service for minor "medical" problems related to the job (much like the military.) These early retirements however pay very little (just enough to get by) and further employment is needed.
2019: Movie begins.



Written and edited by Gary Carden

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