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White Dragon Cut

This Version by Kazuchoice

Review written and edited by Gary Carden.



Every now and then, we all load up the web browser and see where Microsoft takes us today. I've googled myself, looked into other people's blogs, and watched things that have made me laugh so much - I've had to gasp for air. A few months back, after a hard evening at work, I did my usual visit to all the sites in my favorites and then began to aimlessly type names and things into, and to my amazement I came across an enthusiast who calls himself Kazuchoice. At first glance, and through comments left on the Bladezone forums, I was under the impression that this was a version that included the extra scenes from the bonus disc, and also the small clips found scattered through the special documentary included within the special edition box set. Nothing could have been further from the truth.


The poor quality from my scanner does the DVD insert and disks no justice. The Scenes depicted on the front of the DVD insert depict scenes from the film, including his own reworks.


I'm of the general belief that when Directors sit down and create their films, keys things like too much information (overkill) and indeed the time between shots, plays a massive role in the finished film. They just dont want the auidence to fall asleep. Great shots and sequences in the past have been left on the cutting room floor - purely down to the running of the film etc. There are of course exceptions to the rule when films need to explain to the audience what's going on. I however, am a firm believer that a special edition to any film (indeed when accompanied by previous version of that film) should not be bound to the same laws or indeed the restraints that editors abide by on first show of the theatrical cut. This could reflect perhaps the the difference between the WP and OC versions, the audience had no idea what was going on, now that we have all seen the OC and know what's going on, it pathed a way to the DC. In addition to the FC, the bonus material (for example Deckard's wife) and the voice over have, for me and many others, given even further insight into the Harrison's character, and perhaps changed the view of a detective that does no detective work, into a character that now reads up on his foe's, charges through the streets after Zhora, indeed doing his extra detective work to speak to the girls in the first instance. A bloated version it could be refereed to, but to me, this is exactly the type of version I would love to have seen. Extra insight into the characters, visual and Audio. Reworking into the order of scenes, and personalized Fan editions to the film make this a version of the film I am proud to have.

Let us not forget that the Final Cut IS Ridley's preferred version of the film, a colossal amount of time and effort was spent on the restoration of the film. Certainly within BladeZone, the final showing of this new version was the cherry on the cake. It was the end of a long anticipated wait, sometimes placed into jeopardy with a lot of doubtful words placed in between. That said, it was once asked what BR fan's would do for excitement after this new cut was released. Here I was presented with just that.


Whilst I have tried to note as many changes as possible, some unfortunately may have slipped through the net. Please assume that all extra content from the bonus disk has been used.


1. The original credits Ridley used in his many pre-releases.

2. The New American dictionary definition (notably the 2016 edition) is a clip i've not seen come to light since the Workprint version. The film now continues with the new Final Cut quality Enhanced version.

3. Within the first opening scene when Holden interviews Leon, right at the scene when Holden asks (in regards to the tortoise) "Why is that Leon?", Holden can now been seen in Leon's eye. It's a good scene edition, and I had to check to see if it was in the Final Cut!


Comparison shots

4. "A new life awaits you in the off world colony". Here, Kazuchoice has mapped a blimp onto the old footage to create and totally changed the scene, this new scene can be viewed HERE

5. Just before the sushi bar scene, we now have Deckard's new voiceover found within the extras footage, this has been seamlessly placed into this section with a longer running time and more time between camera shots. Deckard's sushi is seen like the workprint, but Deckard now takes more time to reply to Gaff.

6. Extended scene before Deckard rides with Gaff in the spinner, and then when spinner takes off. This version includes the extended voiceover and therefore includes a few seconds more of the characters whilst Deckard explains his actions on the dialogue. The spinner also has smoke superimposed on the new footage. View the clip HERE


7. Extended HQ scene. Includes the new found voiceover expanding Bryant's characher with extended footage. Long lost hospital scene is now inserted.

8. Extended scene towards Deckard's visit to the Tyrell building now includes the long voiceover explaining and showing his over viewing of the other characters. A rather clever piece of engineering has mapped the window of the spinner now showing the Pyramids/Tyrell Buildings.

Great comparison shots between the two. The above shot shows the software in full swing on the Apple Mac.


9. The Rachael/Voight Kampf test scene is extended as per the extras disk. The voice over of Deckard explaining he has tested Rachael extensively, shows how different Rachael is (in regards to being an experiment and nothing more).

10. This extended scene follows on from Deckard talking to Tyrell. Deckard is reflecting on his encounter with Rachael, which he describes her as being `Tyrell the proud father, showing off the insides of his kids brain`.



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