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The Ultimate Workprint (151 minutes)


This Version by Shuwest

review written and edited by Gary Carden



Here I present to you, another fan edit. This time By author Shuwest, I have the Ultimate Workprint version of Blade Runner. What impresses me most here is the quality. The DVD was burned on a larger double sided DVD, and upon a quick inspection at the specifications, a whopping 7.55gigs worth of data has been crammed on this particular version. Budding enthusiasts will know that source footage quality is a must, and the final output quality of your Mpeg stream, are all conributing factors of your finished product.

Shuwest seems to have used top quality transfers (blu-ray?) for his source material, and burning to a double sided disk to me was an excellent choice. This has resulted in less loss of quality (higher bitrate on playback) and has resulted in a pure and seemingly un-tamprered end film.


The Workprint definition is now present which leads onto the extended cut of holden (after being shot by leon) slouched over the desk with the fan blades brushing past his head. Deckard is seen in this extended run up to the sushi bar, with added new voice over.

The addition here (in the midded of "I was quitting when I got in here bryan" and "I'm twice as quit now" - we see holden naking his first figure (the Chicken)


The extended Bryant conversation and Hospital Scene are present.


The extra scene explaining the characters is present as is an extra SFX scene of a spinner flying past the Tyrell pyramid building.


The inclusion of the extended Leon hotel scene, sets the pace for Deckard to do more detective work



Deckards wife makes it to this cut, as does this extra blimp scene (as Pris lights her cigarette outside JF's house)


Here follows is Shuwest's rework of the dream scene. This scene is a personal favorite of mine as he has captutred the original cuts version and mixed in the special edition footage as heen here -


The original piano sequence with the Vangelis score is used


The older sequence is now editied flawlessly to the new FC footage complete with unicorn dream. By the time of the 3rd photo above, the whole sequence

has reverted back to the original version.

Here we are presented with this extra clip of deckard at his piano, at a different angle and then on to the vesper sequence.

Extra footage of the sushi bar has been re-inserted, as is the extended chase through down town.







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