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A friend of Gary Willoughby known as "Timecruiser" has kindly contacted Bladezone in relation to all things BR-FC that is happening at the moment over in Japan. Firstly, the screening of Blade Runner Final Cut  in Japan (DLP Screen), is to take place at the "Count Down Event" at Shinjyuku Wald-9 Theater. The 1st pre show starts at midnight with audiences limited to 250 seats. There will also be a kind of Q&A time with Ghost In The Shell Director :Mamoru Oshii

On November 16th, Japan has 2 theaters showing the BRFC for 2weeks only. One of these is the Shinjyuku and the other is the Osaka:Umeda (where Ridley Scott shot "Black Rain" Locations and many other spots).

Timecruiser also writes columns in a newspaper, and has an original interview with Syd Mead completely about "Blade Runner". Syd sent him some original image preproduction arts, being - Early vehicle design, street image, facade,Tyrell Crypt, and so on. The Media will be "Sankei Express" Tabloids newspaper for 20's and 30's years young people.

Timecruiser also has 2 blogs that gave him  recognition as official Syd Mead fan sites, by Oblagon and his manager and himself in this April. "This is my blog, to which i am very satisfaied. there is so much info about Syd in Japanese. I will report the show and columns also.


Wikpedia (on Blade Runner) in japanese. Wiki List Mania(books) List Mania (Movies)



Here is a continuation of the article he sent, after he attended the count down event


The presentation with Ghost In The Shell Director :Mamoru Oshii


Timecruiser watched the film and stayed for the presentation, which finished at 02:30am. Mamoru Oshii's did a 1 hour lecture and told the audience that BR was the guidance for his "Ghost In The Shell". He also said BR is the gate for SciFi film maker's all over the world - even now, And they cannot go beyond the next stage as "new future" visions..... The Souvenir was a Postcard, Official Poster, DVD Leaflet, Syd Mead Documentary Leaflet, Kyouryoku-WAKAMOTO medicine for stomach which advertised on the building wall by Geisha in the film, and "Trailer Film Cell"
to each viewer of the film.

Film cell showing sebastian on the elevator - going up to see Tyrell.


The Event also had a lottery by Director Mamoru Oshii with 3 of Ultimate Edition(5 Discs) DVD and 2 of Syd's Documentary DVD. Also, each leaflet had a golden sticker at the corner which means "to get" Official T shirts for 100 people only. Visualy, the new cut is longer with crane shots and has many added sound effects in the Spinner, street scenes and so on. Every City scape has layers, ADs, jammed street's tiny tiny moving lights in the air much more than the original. Some takes were different and much more longer as clean shots. You can recognize the restore staff in the end credits. You should watch this in the theater. Timecruiser


Kind regards to "Timecruiser" for the use of his photos, and time given to Bladezone.

Edited by Gary Carden


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